Earn Reddcoin easy

SSCN You can do other things - surveys ect to earn points. what country are you in

Trespasin_minds Belgium.
Those Surveys are a pain in the ass and most of them don’t even confirm my points.

SSCN I don t know, i Just leave the videos running in loops and collect… sucks they aren’t available in your country

All who have commented and signed up have been tipped ( if you have you tipping address added to your profile)

Trespasin_minds Thanks buddy

all good have you signed up for UCash ICO yet? check my other post out you can secure over 1000 free ucash just by registering and few basic things like following on fb and twitter

Tres, any issues getting your coins withdrawn from EarnCrypto?

stangman39 nope - takes 3-7days on average as they have to confirm it ect but always gets to me

Cool thx. I’m at 3 days now so no worries.

stangman39 was my last transaction i put in on boxing day
Status: 2513 confirmations
Date: 2/01/2018 20:26
From: unknown
To: Rf3v77RWx1dYR4KtkdxsCrbdcsKkZojeBp (own address, label: Reddcoin wallet )
Credit: 119.202 RDD
Net amount: +119.202 RDD
Transaction ID: 6d75075cfc81f45ba2908ff4a1bd2a75a6b844b507f348edeed08c2dc5b74e34-000

My w/d request is over 7 days now. I sent a service ticket to see if everything is ok.
Hopefully it’s just due to the RDD wallet being under maintenance on Bittrex recently
It’s my first w/d.

stangman39 It’s likely due to earncrypto’s recent huge increase in members - they sent about 1000 transactions in about 2 days, and had thousands of new member signups over Christmas and they’re just overwhelmed at the moment… My payment was requested on the 23rd Dec, but it’s still in pending. I have no doubt that they will pay it, as I’ve used them for a few months and I’ve never had a problem before, but it might take a bit of time while they get back up to speed with everything.



I received one today i requested Monday but am depositing in to Reddcoin wallet

Status: 294 confirmations
Date: 7/01/2018 19:04
From: unknown
To: Rf3v77RWx1dYR4KtkdxsCrbdcsKkZojeBp (own address, label: Reddcoin wallet )
Credit: 198.041 RDD
Net amount: +198.041 RDD
Transaction ID: bce2077f4029f30b997dffd32722b568f4cd386101787fdb9164b3c4614ee479-000

I open a video and it plays, but in the left corner it keeps saying Watched 0/3.
It stays on a loop but I never get any credits???

you need to have all 3 videos play on the 4th video it credits

Trespasin_minds everytime I go to link the account of the videos I’m watching I find that it doesn’t have the option to link my account at Earncrypto.com only other websites.
I can’t get my rewards, can you help?

callofthecrypto so you click on the link in the first post and it takes you to a different website?

After the 4th video I still had no credits?

Gaining access to the Earncrypto.com website was very simple and the website has a very user-friendly layout, thank-you for that Reddhot tip.

Once registered, I went to the tab ‘Earn Reddcoin’ and selected ‘Watch videos’ and selected Engageme.tv as the website to watch adverts and accumulate rewards.
In order to obtain those rewards it requested I link another website as a bank for the crypto, this is where the issue stemmed. The website where they produce the advert videos requires me to link Earnthecrypto.com - which I’m finding to be seemingly impossible when i’m given a pre-selected range of sites to use as a bank, none of which are Earnthecrypto… (very confusing)

I facing the same problems Trespasin_minds