Electrum wallet 13 words seed backup

Gnasher I can’t find backup of my wallet, but i found seed with 13 words created (7.11.2014). I assume it is Electrum wallet but apparently it could also be Chrome extension. How can i get my coins back and start tipping? I believe i am not the only one with this problem.
Nice to see Reddcoin is doing well after 2 years :slight_smile: Thanks for all your hardwork.

I’ve seen this post, and downloaded Electrum 2.0, entered my seed, but nothing happens as can’t connect it to network. What sould i do?

I have the same problem! I can’t find the Chrome extension wallet anymore.

miha if you are using the electrum wallet, you can add redd.ink to your network setting and it should find my node

Sebsebzen yours is a bit more difficult, need to iron out the kinks in the browser wallet still