Electrum Wallet

Is the electrum wallet still supported or under development any longer? I recently tried to use it and it will no longer connect. and it only shows one server in the list under network as the available server to use. Would like to be able to use it instead of the Qt wallet, would reduce space needed on my laptop which does not have that big of a hard drive within it. Not worried about not being able to stake, since no matter what I never was able to stake with the Qt wallet no matter how many coins I ever had in it.

I dont know. I use the QT and its been pretty flawless.

Yes the Qt wallet works fine but takes up a bit of space for the blockchain and takes time to sync if you have a slow connection like I do. Tried the bootstrap but with my connection being spotty it never completes and then has to be started from the beginning again. If there was a bittorent of it maybe I could get that to work. I use Vuze and have managed to download several torrents even with my problematic connection.