Email Validation

Hi, for everyone who is trying to valid their emails, there is a problem with the email service.
If you would like me to manually valid your account contact me over on

Gnasher Do I need to sign up for a reddit account?

Big_Map_Idea not required if you are able to reach me here.

Was just giving people options if they need access

I’m not receiving any email notifications for this forum, might these issues be related?

рисую художество и продаю их за Reddcoin кому интересно обращайтесь могу нарисовать что захотите

werdff あなたの言語を翻訳する私の仕事ではありません。

Big_Map_Idea yeah, all related.

I discovered that the service that was providing email for the forum changed their pay structure, which affected our subscription.
I am looking at some alternatives.
Once up, I can push the stuck notifications again.

What it means is, anyone who signs up, isn’t able to get access to the forum until I do

Also means I need to upgrade forum software to support it also…

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кто подскажет где лутши дать рекламу

и как сними связаться

Gnasher I see, thanks for looking into it.