Errors sending coins from windows reddwallet

I’m trying to send some RDD from my wallet to another address, but every time I try to send it is giving me a “Failed to Send: An Unknown Error has Occurred” or something of that kind. It’s an imported key, and the coins clearly show up on the blockexplorer. The wallet was a clean install.

How can I fix this?

or something of that kind.

Exact error? Like was there an error code or anything? Did you rescan the blockchain when you imported the address?

iisurge I remember distinctly that there was NO error code. I say “something of that kind” but I only say that because it may not be exactly verbatim. However, it clearly stated that the sending had failed and that an unknown error had occurred, without giving me any kind of error code.

Yes, I did rescan the blockchain when I imported the address.

jakedageek127 hmm weird. Hope you get it sorted out. May sound dumb but have you closed and re-opened wallet? I have had some small weird things with reddwallet fixed like that. Otherwise I don’t know

iisurge I have tried that with no avail. Thanks tho.

I’m having the same issue…

jakedageek127 ryan_kuk Please send a small amount (like 1 or 0.001 RDD) to another address and take a screenshot or post the exact error message, thanks!

jakedageek127 hi there, More information is needed.
Log from the client and version of the wallet and blockchain last block.

ReddcoinRocks I tried sending 1 RDD to my tipbot and it sent it without issues. Just sending my balance to another wallet on my desktop from my laptop wallet does this.

ryan_kuk so you have 2 wallets running on the same machine? what type of wallets?
could you retry what you described and post the error message or upload a screenshot to

Oliver I’m using the social wallet, and the exact error message is “Sending Failed: an unknown error has occurred.” No error code, nothing. All I get is a little yellow box on the bottom right corner that says the error message.

How would I get the client log? The wallet version is 1.4.0, it was a clean install.

EDIT: RsZuTsB8x3CqpkyuhQQzZ2ReqTgCDdFxLA is the address I’m trying to send from.

jakedageek127 I had similiar experience. I split the transaction to two different groups and it went well. I think it was too big or something.