Ethereum Interview

Devcon1, the second major Ethereum Conference took place at a sold-out Gibson Hall. Previously serving as the headquarters for the National Provincial Bank, it provided an apt setting for a conference dedicated to the future of finance.

The building alone is a testament to how much the “Crypto space” has matured in the past years. Beneath decadent domed ceilings and chandeliers, the sold out crowd were treated to presentations and panels by members of Ethereum’s team, developers who’ve been using the platform, and representatives from Deloitte and UBS, the presence of which would have been nothing short of a pipe dream until recently when financial institutes became more vocal about their exploration of blockchain technology.


Ethereum is an interesting space to be watching

uvozhaemye colleagues I wrote a proposal to carry Reddcoin and they told me otveteli

Yes, I think in the near future (1-2 months) will be introduced currency Reddcoin

Gnasher they are moving pretty fast

what to make of it

Gnasher I am watching how they are dealing with things and looking for any lessons we can learn .