For now no reddcoin


This is the first exchange I see that doesn’t show English page when you open it. I mean, English is normally a default language


Try this link:


It is a Dutch exchange, and is also available in English, French, Spanish and Italian (scroll down to the bottom to see the languages). I think it uses the browser language to detect which language to show.


I found the Engl version, try to check the above-mentioned link


Is it a very secured exhange ?


It depends on what you want to do with it, for what you want to use it.


I have only good experience with The exchange is based in the Netherlands and I also live in the Netherlands, which probably makes it easier using (because iDEAL is supported).

But, my experiences are:

  • Extremely fast (and free) EUR deposits (using iDEAL)).
  • EUR withdrawals are on my bank account the next day.
  • They are clear about their fees: There is another alternative,, but try finding all the fees easily on that exchange.
  • Buying and selling Reddcoin is very easy. (Just remember, at the moment, there is a 2,5% trading fee.
  • I have mailed the support a couple of times, and got a reply back every time within the hour or within a few hours. I really like their support.
  • It has support for 2-factor authentication.
  • I like the clean website, much better than most of the exchanges.


Unfortunately, I don’t manage to open it correctly. So you see it in English straight away?

  • Open Bitvavo:

  • Scroll to the bottom. You will see a list of languages.

  • Select the desired language.


Thank you. I thought I had checked it but seems like I missed it


You gave an interesting explanation, now I’m thinking to try this exhange