Excitement and Concerns from a New Reddhead.

To the Reddcoin team. Hi I’ve just joined your community and would like to say that I really like the tech and think it has a ton of potential. With the recent surge on coinmarketcap.com as well as the forbes article and slew of youtubers covering the coin… What plans does the team have to market the coin? It seems to me that for a coin that is driven by social media you guys should have or should build a solid social media team. I am optimistic but a little worried that channels such as your youtube haven’t been updated in over 2 years now. To REALLY get this coin off the ground it’s going to take leadership from the top… We want the community to communicate the message and use the coin on all social platforms that will come easier if leadership is active everywhere where the coin can be used.

This community is putting REAL money into your coin. I hope the team is taking this as seriously as some of the community members are! Looking forward to seeing where this project goes!

WinterFox I’m new to the community as well. My research leads me to believe that we as community are going to be the marketing engine of Reddcoin. Tipping, imo, is going to be the chief mechanism to “spread the word”. Once we’re able to tip on social media (we’re almost there as of 12/7), it should begin to really take off.

PS - If I’m totally off base here, my apologies. I new too… :slight_smile:

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K_Crypto I understand that the community is going to be expected to participate in the marketing. But it still makes sense for the management team to be doing marketing themselves. We are putting a lot of money in their coin hence raising their own wealth and they should do everything possible to make sure that our investment in their vision is not wasted.

K_Crypto case in point: https://headwayapp.co/reddcoin-updates the last dev update is 9 months ago.