Expanding the tip button into a widget that can display info like amount of tips recieved, total reddcoin@address, other features?

Is this feasible? Maybe once redd id is enable have a last tip recieved from option that displays their ReddID. Discuss!! Where are my development soldiers?? Also I would like to announce I have taken up programming full time partially inspired by the Reddcoin project!

Certainly one of the functions that is missing from this forum is the visible usage of the tipbot ( i know there is no tipbot) or tipping.
A lot of Reddizens have installed the browser wallet, and embedded the tip button on their signature.
But how many have actually sent or received tips??

I was giving this some thought prior to your posting.
With the tipbot, there is visibility of tipping activity…as you had to embed the command in your post and it was visible to all
In the current mode, there is none.

This is important…
Why? because if it is seen that others doing, then it drives the interest for one to participate.


Gnasher You will be able to post a message with your “tip proof” but you won’t be obligated to since the tip won’t have to go through the social network to get processed.

This solve the spam problem with other tip platform.

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Reddcoin but having the sharing option is nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Funny times are comming, do you tested on every social platform?

Having the option to do this is great.

Certainly we have felt the impact of spamming forums (reddit)… the net result was not good and it still lives on
Nobody really likes to see a flood of stuff they are not interested in
So we can tip privately.

Conversely, as the social aspect grows, we should be able to tip and provide a reason,
Like, “Hey you, great article/game/topic/job etc. i appreciate your effort/insight have a reddcoin tip RDD 10000/beer”
Others may see this and appreciate and realise the effort creating a network effect also

It seems like we will be able to achieve both scenarios:)


Gnasher I agree on that. The tipbots provide a sense of fun too, although slightly troublesome to use. Like providing the “beer” or “high five”. It shows who gave who what and why.

Perhaps Reddcoin should provide somewhat like a blockchain of tips so that we could trace our tips. =P call it “Tipchain”. Haha… it will also be cool to put messages in to every Reddcoin transactions “Great job on the bounty, buddy”.

I’ve passed a few 1k tips around via the Tip Badges, but I sent them through my Social Wallet; since I didn’t have any RDD in my Browser Wallet. Perhaps soon enough when the browser wallet is able to stake and out of beta, it’ll be different.

For now, it feels slightly “empty”.

lynxlee or perhaps it could be embedded in the existing BC. that would be cool also

Gnasher Yep, that’s what I meant. Although that might get the blockchain heavier…