Expected to earn rewards once every 4 hours

Dear Reddcoin community,
i am experiencing an pretty strange issue with my Reddcoin Wallet and would appreciate if someone who has experienced same or similar to let me have the solution.

I have downloaded Reddcoin Wallet in Feb. 2018 and transferred all my RDD to that Wallet and started staking. Until October 2018 I have regularly earned some RDD from staking, and the last time I have earned RDD-s was before I have mad Wallet backup, Formatted my PC and after reinstalling the wallet have successfully restored my account. Since than, I can see that my wallet is staking and I have already reached the average weight to 23388185, which is my total weight as well.
I have been advised from Dima I (from the Telegram Chanel) to update to backup the wallet again, remove and install clean most recent version, bootstrap it. I have followed all those steps and the only difference I have reached so far is that the “Expected to earn award from 4 ours went down to 3 hours”. But this change is since Saturday (2 days ago).

p.s. I have tried to transfer my RDD to another wallet, but the wallet says:
The transaction was rejected. This may happen if some of the coins in your wallet were already spent, such as if you used a copy of wallet.dat and coins were spent in a copy but not marketed as spent here.

Does anyone has a solution to this?!
I would appreciate your prompt reply and support in this mater.
Sincerely and worried,

  • Which version of Reddcoin Core are you running?
  • Have you ‘unlocked for staking’ (if you have a password on your wallet)?

Reddcoin Core recently had an upgrade, which might cause the issues. It is possible that (one of) the wallets is using the old blockchain.

I would recommend ‘refreshing’ the blockchain on all your computers, like you already did once (if needed: instructions).


Regarding the ‘expected to earn reward’ part. This is an estimation. It starts high, and decreases as time passes. And resets/starts all over again when you receive a reward.