Facebook for 2 Billion users -> updated info


20% is not bad what about the others social networks do they complement?

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tech.thaivisa.com said:

Facebook Inc. defines “active monthly users” as people who log into the social network site once a month or more.

I’m very skeptic. It’s in the interest of facebook to be the best social network measured in plain numbers. I’m also very skeptic if they are able to differentiate all natural persons from juristic persons and promotional accounts.

20% is way to much IMO. It would be better to have more diversity in the world of social networks. Monopoly is always bad for innovations.

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ReddcoinRocks yes, the way they measure is speculative but marketing works sometimes these ways… but what bugs me more is that only 40.1% of world wide population has if we have in mind that just 3 Billion have acess now!

I Don’t thing there is any official service with these wide spread adoption. What are the next ones?


Oliver the number is very impressive if you put it in relation to the number of persons with access to the internet.
the smartphone market shows a similar trend to just one major player http://www.pcworld.com/article/2460020/android-grabs-record-85-percent-smartphone-share.html

Open source does that…

Altough some phone players aren’t doing it right when it comes to security updates… all this but Android is The choice for wide adoption… indeed