Facebook... really?

So… i thought it was time to check on my FB since my phone doesn’t stop telling me that i need to install FB Messenger or i’ll die. Obviously i haven’t done it, nor will i. Anyway, i was greeted with this:


…i mean. DidiMidi? Seriously? Maybe it’s because i didn’t give you my phone number, all the personal information i gave you was fake and i only accept friend requests from people that i actually know in RL, but apparently Mark needs to know who i really am.

So screw FB, i was done with it long ago anyway.

I’m posting this because there’s no way we can have a decentralised tipping system among the most popular social media sites as long as authentic personal information is required (blame is on the social media sites themselves, not on reddcoin or tipping whatsoever). I have your PGP key, your FB handle could be “YOLO” for all i care.

…am i the only one?

are you getting decentralised and anonymous confused?

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Good point. What i meant to say is that as long as a few companies that move billions need your real identity and all the information they can gather about you in order to use their services (social media, i.e. reddcoin’s target), it’s not decentralised imho. And certainly not anonymous as you point out.

Didi I am becoming less and less convinced of Facebook’s long term future.

I reckon that as Reddcoin grows over the next few years Facebook is going to stagnate and slowly decline :smiley:

Honestly though, when I think about tipping Facebook isn’t the first place that springs to mind. But everyone has their own preferences.

Pretty much any of the big major social media sites do this now. They require this information so they can sell it to third party companies and then claim they do not in their privacy statements unless it meets certain criteria which it will.

Social media is big money market. Even Google wants as much information from you as they can get before allowing you to create a new account with them. when it first started you just needed and invite from someone and that was it. (I was an early adopter of gmail have had mine since gmail first opened) Now it wants phone number and many things before it will allow it.

It is an attempt by big media sites to gain as much information about you to create a profile about you and what you like or do to know what adds to show you in hopes you will one day buy something from those adds shown. so they get a payback for showing that add.

Anonymity is a lie and does not really exist on the internet for the common person. Unless a person does not use the same computer for any two things ever. or the same ip address or the same email or the same user name or the same password. Which most people do and have done at one point or another.

If you have now or ever have had and used a static ip address for anything you can be found and discovered who you really are. Even proxies are not 100% annon either.

Even Google wants as much information from you as they can

And that’s why i dumped my quad core Android phone in favour of my old Nokia N900, which runs Maemo. That phone is (still) a gem. I also dumped Chrome long ago (even though i’m forced to use it sometimes) and don’t use Gmail.

Yes, social media is big money, mostly run by a few big fat companies. And that was my point, it’s kind of like the “miner’s paradox” as i call it. Is BTC really decentralised when mining is mostly done by corporations with big resources and lots of money? …i don’t think so.

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