Failed to read block index

Hi…I am unable to open my wallet …the colorful loader page comes up and the block index is reading…then after 30 seconds it shows a failed to read block index error…then failed to find best block…? I was running the old beta version and had/have a back up safely so I tried uninstalling and reloading version but it has the same problem :grin: The back up was almost a year ago’ but so was the problem…was 1.5 million rdds and no staking since…hope it isn’t lost…:grimacing:

It isnt lost, but you need to sync with the current state of the blockchain.
PMd you.

Hi Alex I have the same problem and been following there directions with NO success Good Luck
This is very upsetting :rage:

Thanks for reply Joe…I have the back up dat file its a 136 kb stored under iTunes ?..does that sound right ? I am also having problems with my Daedalus wallet that wouldn’t sync…told me my time was out by 27 seconds!..fixed that by syncing computer to Internet time but it hasn’t helped either problem ! If I look under c disk,program files Redd coin there are 2x 2kb text files and then reddcoin-qt 28071 kb,is this the dat file ?,and then an uninstall file…does any of this help? Please help ! Thanx Alex

Alright. Copy the wallet.dat somewhere safe. Then uninstall the QT. Then download and install 32-bit again. After installation, having backed up the wallet file somewhere safe, move the existing one to say desktop, and then start the software. Wait for it to open. Then close it. Delete the new wallet file and replace with the old one.
After this is done go to navigate to Reddcoin and download the archive. It should be around 3gb. Then unarchive it to desktop and copy the contents to your AppData/Roaming/Reddcoin folder.
After all of the above is done - start the QT and it should be synced and ready to use.
Let me know if it works.

PS: Just make sure to backup your current wallet prior somewhere safe, and copy/paste, not cut/paste. I’ve been burnt this way. Jaja. :smiley:

Mmmm not gone well ! I followed the steps but the new download also has same fault i.e. Failed to read block index…should I try on another computer ?..its 1.75 million coins I’m gutted ! All I have now is the backup wallet on a usb !..please advise ! Thanx Alex

That sounds serious. Sent you a pm.