Failed to read block

Installed wallet, spent more than a week for syncronizing (was 25 weeks left) + sent money from bittrex to wallet. But haven’t received them yet as it wasn’t fully syncronized, Now the problem.

After my notebook got frozen and rebooted my reddcoin wallet stopped working showing error message “Failed to read block” and than “failed to connect best block”. After that it terminates. What should I do to recover my coins? Please explain step by step as all previous topics were for IT guys. I couldn’t even find that wallet.dat which everyone is talking about. There is no Reddcoin folder in any of /appdata/roaming/ !!! Please help!!! I don’t want to loose my money. Don’t trust this shitty wallet anymore but I need to recover it to return money back to exchange.

did you try following this guide, every step exactly as explained?

i trust this “shitty” wallet and will help your “pro computing skills” with some of my “noob info”.


FloydStash Hello and thank you for your help. I’ve tryed to follow steps by your link but:

  1. I got stuck at the first step as there is no wallet.dat file on my computer. And so nothing to backup.
  2. Moreover there is no reddcoin directory such as %appdata%\Reddcoin. I’ve searched all C:\Users folders including hidden. Nothing. The only place where reddcoin exist is C:\Program Files\Reddcoin. But there is no wallet.dat =(

UPDATE 02 Jan: I have found the wallet.dat!!! =))) it was on another logic disc. What I did was I deleted two last blocks from the date when crash happened in D:\Reddcoin wallet\blocks folder and it helped. Unfortunately the wallet started syncronization from the very beginning but at least it is working.

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Hey man this is great news. if any further issues or questions arise just shoot, i don’t mind doing a little side-kick research.
lemme know how things turn out and if you can succesfully recover your coins.