FAQ - Where to begin

This post will evolve with community help so please answer this post in ReddCoinTalk if you want to add information on the FAQ, or if there are any errors!

Hello and welcome to ReddCoin team, there are lots of topics ongoing, lots of amazing people working together and we are glad to have you to bring ReddCoin project even further!
This FAQ if you are new to ReddCoin and you want to be involved in the development of this project. Below you will find the “first steps” information and FAQ.

First steps:

  1. Know some information on ReddCoin: Watch (and like it on Youtube) this introduction video: What is ReddCoin video
  2. Explore the community, read articles and create an account there.
  3. Introduce yourself in your ReddCoinTalk Off-Topic, create a post where you explain a bit who you are:
    Surprise us! Any other information you would like to share: previous projects, your sense of humor, favorite movie, best cooking recipe, number of screens at home, last time you did sport, etc etc !
  4. Check list of ongoing projects in ReddCoinTalk and chat to where you are interested. Explain your skills and how you can help.


How can I help on ReddCoin?
Speak of it around you, be an ambassador, share information with your friends / colleagues / family / pets / plants and everyone around you. Make videos / posts / images that can help to have it known around the world!

How can I help on development?
You can have a look at the ongoing projects and share your ideas on ReddCoinTalk. You could also subscribe to one of the ongoing projects explaining that your skills are fitting and how you can help.

What are the platforms used by ReddCoin teams?

What are the different teams for ReddCoin?

  • Users, like you and everyone here
  • Contributors, development and non-development that contribute to bring ReddCoin even further
  • Development, for the website and technical stuff linked to ReddCoin
  • Core team, working specifically on the ReddCoin technology, Redd-ID and wallet

Who is leading ReddCoin project?

  • Team lead : John Nash
  • Dev Helper : Henry
  • Communications : Stuart
  • Community management : Eric

How can I join the core team?
Prove yourself and the core team will be happy to welcome you :blush:

How can I help on organization / marketing / other non-development topics?
Deadpool is coordinating this part of ReddCoin project, you can reach him on ReddCoinTalk.
There is a specific Discord that you can join for Marketing.

What is Redd-ID?
Your Redd-ID include some of your information such as your RDD destination address and your social network (multi-platform) information.
More information on Reddit (https://www.reddit.com/r/reddCoin/comments/6cf4t2/what_is_reddid/)

What is Social Network integration?
Have Redd-ID interact with multiple social media platform.

What is the decentralized tipping experience?
Be able to send ReddCoin easily on multiple social network / different platforms.