Hey Reddheads,

this forum is a great piece of software. Thanks a lot!

I have some questions/feedback I want to share:

  1. Is there already some kind of tipping extension implemented or do you wait until the browser plugin is ready?

  2. I realy like the RSS feature but it is currently showing links with a wrong port number like this:

  3. I can’t change my profile picture

  4. I love this forum!

Hey mate

  1. Things are being worked in order to implement some tipping here. (I don’t know when is released…)

  2. In my case I couldn’t find yet it in my Rssfeed app…

  3. “Yes you can!” - Go to the avatar image in top of your page. Then click in your username. New page will open and click in edit. After this you can change your Profile.
    If you couldn’t make it there is a link:

  4. It is awesome, indeed!

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Hey artur,

thanks, I have tried the link to change my profile picture but it only says that I have successfully uploaded a new image but the image is still the old one :frowning:

Here is a RSS Feed that is showing the mentioned Url’s: (just click one of the topic headers)

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  1. Unfortunately tipping is not enabled at the moment. We’ll gradually integrate Reddcoin into every aspect of this forum. Stay tuned.
  2. I’ve fixed the CSS port bug.
  3. It seems to work for others.
  4. Thanks.

Thanks, I can confirm the fix. just got a notification about this post from my rss reader and used the link to post this reply. Great feature!

About the picture issue, I’m currently checking if it is related to some client side caching or automatic image cropping.

Could someone confirm that this image has some padding or black background?

I have some weird cashing issues. On the device and in the browser where I have uploaded the new picture, I can see the new version. In another browser I’m seeing a different picture, the same picture I’m seeing on my smartphone.


Here is what Im seeing

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YouCanDoAnything Thanks, that is interesting. That shows exactly the image that I can see in my firefox but not the latest image I have uploaded in chrome. I have now also tried to change the picture in a different browser, without success.

ReddcoinRocks It’s cached by Cloudflare. Should update soon.

Reddcoin thank you for the clarification. will check again tomorrow