Fibermouse: The 'oh so cloud' cloud for everyone (Updated 21/08/2017)

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Hi Folks :smiley:

UPDATE: There is now a free tier on Fibermouse for those who intend on hosting small websites. Another post will follow.

It’s been over 2 years since I posted here. Hope all is well with everyone (Existing/New members). In May 2015 I posted about my service called Fibermouse (take a read here). Before I mention anything, where have I been for the 2 years?? One word: University. I’ve now finished from uni, and have my beloved degree (couldn’t be happier), and have decided to revive Fibermouse once more.

On July 10th, the service was brought back to life. Completely redesigned more-or-less from scratch! So…

Introducing Fibermouse. The ‘oh so cloud’ cloud.
Fibermouse is a hosting+ service in the cloud, crafted in the United Kingdom by my very self. You can call me Mouse by the way ;-).

I’ve built this from the ground upwards, and has a completely different feel to what was being offered when I originally posted in 2015. I intend on doing things to how traditional hosts carry out their business.

I want everyone to know who the first point of contact is in case they have a problem.

  • So that’s why I’m available via the main website, Twitter, and even Facebook.

I aim to cater for everyone.

  • So if you have certain requirements then do talk to me regardless.

I take care of my own resources.

  • Fibermouse doesn’t operate via a reseller. I’ve made sure of this from the start. I source only the best providers to run this service on.

Most importantly, Fibermouse is now Pay-as-you-Go (PayG). I understand that those who run websites won’t utilise all of their available resources yet still they get charged every month. How wasteful… I intend on eliminating this. Pricing is available on the main website.

Fibermouse doesn’t do contracts. What does that mean you might ask?? Simple: You come and go when you please. I’ll never tie you down. Always talk to me if you need anything.

I am pleased to announce that Reddcoin is now supported on Fibermouse once more :D. And I even have a little surprise too. £5 is the minimum to open a PayG account, but I am offering everyone a discount which slashes this in half (literally).

Here’s the deal.

  • When you use this coupon: ooohsoooreddcoin2k17 on Fibermouse Store, you get 50% off the subscription price. Please note: You don’t get charged £5 every month! This is the minimum amount when you first join.

  • Although you only pay £2.50, you still get a balance of £5 (£2.50 extra for you).

  • Payments made in Reddcoin are processed through GoURL. If you have any problems then do give me a shout ;-).

What’s coming up in the future?
Well now that I’ve returned I intend on helping out a little more where I can. Any project that I create will now include Reddcoin (some good news). Fibermouse is due to expand if all goes well.

That’s enough chit chat… Take a look!
I don’t want to bore you to tears. I would be honoured if you stopped by on Fibermouse @ I also sell merchandise on Fibermouse too which can be purchased in Reddcoin (There’s not much merchandise at the minute, but adding some more stuff between now and next week).

Please share with everyone you know in the Reddcoin community wherever they maybe.

And if you are still curious, ask me as many questions as you need to!

Until the next time, cheerio.

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