For all of you who are still interested in the idea of Redd-ID....

You should probably checkout &, because they basically did what the idea of Redd-ID was and you can already use is. There is also a talk by one of the founder that´s quite interesting:

artiscience Dont forget
These are interesting, and when they were first launched a number of reddheads signed up…
Actually, i am registered on both onename and keybase.
They go some of the way to what is the goal of Redd_ID

Gnasher As far as I understand keybase is not decentralized, is it? With a service like onename already in place the whole concept of Reddcoin seems more or less irelevant. The only thing I don´t like is that it is based on the Bitcoin blockchain, but it seems that they don´t necessarilty have to stick with it, so it can used with other blockchains as well.

Actually i havent followed either for quite some time. So you may be right on keybase.
Part of the goal is to make social tipping more relevant and easier to perform.
It is late here, and i was looking for the description on the working of ReddID, as much as i recall there was a very different mechanic
That is not to say you couldnt use the mentioned services,

Gnasher Onenote is also about allowing for simple transactions. It is quite elaborated and there is still so much more to do. I only wanted to point out that there is already a neat solution for decentralized identifion that allows for everything that Redd-id was meant to be, so those of us who were waiting for this feature can find a very potent solution over there (also one where you know who the developers are).

Also interesting: they found themselves investors who allowed them to develop open source software without immediately making money. This would have been the road Reddcoin could have taken, but apparently the lead manager didn’t even feel that attached to the project to put it on his LinkedIn profile…

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I have been taking a read through their efforts since my last post and getting up to speed… some very interesting reading.
They have some cool ideas, some of which satisfies my own intentions for future projects…

But do they solve everything? I dont think so.
You made a post a few month back that peaked my interest.
What you wrote was a groundbreaking idea, and i have been quietly researching what would be required to implement.
It wasnt clear if you wanted to develop that yourself, or if you thought that was something the Reddcoin team should be implementing
In either case, I would like to explore that idea further with you if your interested. PM me if you want to discuss

An interesting point you make on investors.
OneName was originally founded Sept 28, 2013
First investment round from what i could find Aug 19, 2014 (
Havent found a reference to how much has been invested

I forgot to mention, that there is a proposal to add an identity protocol to the bitcoin blockchain: Identity protocol v1
This is not widely used, and including this proposal, it would seem there are a number of potential possibilities for implementation.

So, I dont feel like Redd has missed the boat.


Gnasher I don´t know whether Redd “has missed the boat” in sense of time, but as long as there is no project, there is no progress. I haven´t seen a piece of code of the announced Redd-ID. I read that Redd-ID won´t come the next day and probably not the next month but that spring has always been the goal and then didn´t hear anything more. I am not a coder, I can´t contribute here, I can only wait and develop ideas on top of it, but since there has been no visible progress, no updates, not even logins I really can´t see how Redd-ID is going to become reality.

And even if: this alone is no game changer. To run this kind of enterprise you need a proper project management, transparency and stability. Reddcoin Ltd could have become this kind of project node, but it didn’t. Here´s the main lack in my opinion and onename is a good example of how this kind of enterprise can be done.

With regard to the concept paper that I presented, I am currently working on a proof of concept that (unlike my older concept) is based on a decentralized proof of identity as with onename. If you want to hear more about it you can contact me anytime.