For no-dev guys and gals - What can we do ?

As the new wallet is in testing and everyone is putting the effort in it, I was wondering what could do non-technical people (such as myself) regarding the new wallet and/or reddcoin in general.

For instance, I can provide with a french translation of the wallet.
Do we have a list of already available languages and a list of “to be translated into” ?

On community project like that, maybe we could set up a Trello board (kanban style), so instead of writing everything in its state of reddcoin, Gnasher would just post a screenshot of it and some details. It would also allow everyone to see what’s left to do ?

Let the community know :slight_smile:

DeadPool I would definitely sign up for the reddhead newsletter as i’m pretty sure there’s a list of languages to start translating, but I could be wrong.

Head to Reddheads website to check it out…

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Also, check out the “State of the Redd-Nation” articles posted on here…they’re filled with useful info…

DeadPool Est-ce que vous êtes français ?

There has already been quite a lot of translation work carried out. In the past ezredd carried out some French translation. But I’m sure your help in this area could be useful.

I like the idea of a Trello for tasks to hand to the community. I actually set up a Trello for the team but we don’t use it at the moment and we do all our communicating on other platforms. But I think as a way to invite the community that would perhaps be a great tool.

Anyway, thanks for opening this thread. Let’s discuss more. Being a no-dev guy myself I understand where you are coming from completely.

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Yep, French living in Quebec…for the time being (10 years already though…freezing over here, lol).

I have already read the State of the Redd-Nation and indeed it is full with info, but mostly dev oriented. So the feeling is a lot is done and on-going but not a lot of things about the non-dev stuff.
And I already sub’d to the newsletter.

So right now, as reddibreak seems to imply, the dev are working but communciating on multiple platform and the communications to the people are kind of disperse too :

That doesn’t mean that those are bad choices, but a more linear and direct way to communicate would help. And If I can give a hand in that with others, i’m ready.
I believe some stuff can also be thought around the Wallet UI, the redd-ID UI, etc. Where non-dev could give a hand, from their experience of site they already love or use.

And please, understand that this is still a discussion, I’m not imposing anything. Just stating things from my “newbie” and non-dev eye :wink:

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DeadPool communication is always an important aspect of any project.
The challenge is how to communicate effectively, without exhausting the time also needed to do the real tasks.

The 2 main channels for direct communication have been through reddit and reddcointalk.
In these people are able to post and respond as required. But having 2 forums hasnt been without its controversy with different users preferring one over the other. And to add, the bitcointalk thread (which was locked) would have been a 3rd. These make a nice open platform where others can read and contribute as they feel

Also, on both these (reddit/reddcointalk) I have tried to make myself as accessible as possible

Outside of these channels, we get into IRC, skype, slack, trello and numerous other forms of direct one on one, and group chat utilities.

Internally we have discussed (and maybe now is the time to raise the idea) of how to effectively communicate to the broader community.
We are an Open Source project, and there is always plenty to do, but we (core group) dont effectively communicate tasks that can be done.

The usual approach is to say “its freely available on github, so see for yourself” but this approach can be overwhelming to new people coming in. And it is not clearly obvious if there are no issues (which is the main method) documented

I do like the idea of using Trello or even Slack to be able to delegate or otherwise communicate to those who want to contribute
Maybe another thought is a dedicated channel here to list and create threads for activities that need doing, or ideas

I would certainly welcome your input also.
You mention about UI, and Redd-ID these are topics that could do with some community input and feedback


Well it seems on reddit that nero-92 has propose his help on UX/UI deisgn for the wallet.
Therefor he should also work on the UI/UX of the redd-ID to give a whole and integrate REDD experience.

That’s great news.

So in this perspective, I took the initiave to create the Trello board for non-dev task. So you could PM your e-mail adresses or Trello profile so I can get you on the team and on the board to fill it. (I made a screenshot but couldn’t uplaod the image here to show you so far).

Also, I like Reddcointalk a lot, as it feels less tecchy and much more Social-like.

DeadPool great effort.
if you want to put pictures here you need to use imagur or similar service then use the following

inserting a picture
![Description](http://url "Opt Title")

this is the 3rd button from the right

Gnasher, I figured it out how to insert a picture, but didn’t wanted to show the board directly on imgur or other public services.

Then, I can only ask for e-mail adresses or Trello profile for the ones that want to give a hand in non-dev tasks :slight_smile:

IN PM ONLY of course. People will then receive a Trello invite.

DeadPool let me know if you would like to invite the core in to give guidance

That would give some traction and materials for people to work on. I believe it would be pretty cool :slight_smile:

Just to Up this thread, for those who want to get implicated with Reddcoin and are non-dev, here is a screenshot of our Trello board.

If you want to jump in, just PM me your Trello ID (if you have one) or an e-mail so I can send you an invite.

For those who have done it, theyr are already assigned to task they wanted to do (that is, much more about translation right now).


Cheers !

werdff Welcome on board !

Hi Folks,

we have been slow regarding new non-dev opportunity. It will still be the case for the next month as in the same time, i’m changing job, welcoming a little girl in the family and organizing a big event here in Quebec City. All that in the next 3 weeks :slight_smile:

That being said, for the ones whom are already on the trello board, feel free to check or add ideas to be discussed.
For people that want to join and participate in such non-dev activities, contact me in PM with your e-mail (or trello ID) so I can add you to it.

We are looking for translators, UX/UI experts, marketers, etc.

Thank you !



Ermakov1 Care to share what this consists of? Reddcoin can’t be mined and I don’t trust random .exe’s.

Seems the poster has spammed this in quite a few places. Advise caution !

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I’d like to see if we can address some of the trust / assurance issues with rdd.

DeadPool idem pour moi Québécois :wink: