For those newcommers struggling to buy Reddcoins

For days i’ve been trying to figure out the best way to get my hands on some Reddcoins, now that registrations on some of the biggest platforms are closed. I finally found a reasonable way and got my first 15.000 Reddcoins.

The way i did it was by first buying Bitcoins through Coinbase. (Although buying alternative currencies may be better because of transfer costs.)

I then made an account at Cryptopia

Its an exchange platform based in New Zealand but as a european i had no problem getting in.
I sent my bitcoins from my Coinbase to my Cryptopia wallet, which took less than 30 minutes to arrive. Then i started trading, which really isnt so hard. Within no time i had my first Reddcoins!

If anyone has alternative ways which they think could be easier / cheaper, i would love to hear it!

LiteBit is slowely starting to accept new users. I still use it. The supply is still very minimal tho.

I’m from USA and I was able to instantly register and use my account at /

The only difference is I put cash into a local BTC atm and deposited directly to my BTC address at the exchange (because of fees)