Forbes Bitcoin Analyst..Pay close attention to what this says..and look at your Reddcoin / Website said:

The analysis posits that a certain amount of Bitcoin will be used for online payments, remittances, micro-transactions (such as paying a tiny amount to read an article in lieu of seeing ads), applications for the unbanked and other, unknown applications and projects growth rates for each application. It then calculates the Bitcoin monetary base required to support that amount of transactions and works backward using a 40% discount rate (to determine what the present value of Bitcoin needs to be in order to support that amount of economic activity in 2025). After adding up all the Bitcoin needed for online payments, remittances, micro-transactions, the unbanked and other applications in the year 2025, he concludes that** one Bitcoin will, by then, be worth $17,473**, and that the present value of a Bitcoin would need to be $604 today to support that amount of economic activity in 2025. If Luria’s projection becomes true, anyone investing today would see a 40+x return within 10 years.
Since Reddcoin is traded against and valued in Satoshi…what would the value of Reddcoin be as Bitcoin rises…BUY REDDCOIN…STAKE IT its very inexpensive and it pays you 5-20%…
Anyone who buys Reddcoin and sticks with it will do very very well.

In real terms if I want to be a millionaire in 2025, I need to accumulate today…if their numbers are correct…60 Btc or roughly $25000 dollars at todays prices. Thats a lot of money…but if you don’t need a Million dollars in 2025 then you can still today ‘‘reverse engineer’’ the amount of capital you need to expend TODAY or in the coming year to make a decent amount of crypto. The actual growth rate may only be 20x todays price…but in any event…TODAY crypto currency is inexpensive and it makes sense to accumulate and STAKE moving forwards.
Reddcoin is not going to be the well kept secret it is now for ever. People are watching what we do and how we do it and some people are starting to move into the market in a big way because they know…our coin is solid stable and very underpriced. The dark days are not long behind us now but the sunlight is peeking through the clouds…DONT MISS OUT…
The rising tide lifts all boats…Do not be surprised to see Reddcoins Price to DOUBLE OVERNIGHT…it can and WILL HAPPEN at that point you will wish you had bought more while it was still single digits. Or you can just buy Bitcoins…but as always with Bitcoin all you get is volatility…with Reddcoin you get LEVERAGE and 5-20% on all amounts staking…it really is a no brainer.