Forget about Reddcoin's price for now.

Let me first start by saying that I, like you, can’t wait for the day when the price of this coin shoots way up and I know one day it will, but honestly if we really want to see that happen in the long run we all have to do one thing; forget about the price of Reddcoin for now. Now I know this isn’t easy to do, and depending on what your reason was for getting involved in RDD you may find yourself unable to do this, but let me tell you why in order to see the growth that will give back real value on our investments we have to ignore its price in order to take on more important tasks.

Take a trip with me for a moment back to 2002. According to an Investopedia article if you would have invested in Apple stock in '02, your money would have grown by 2016 by a whopping 50x. Of course who knew that iPhone would change the world in the way it did at a time when Apple wasn’t even in the mobile realm and smartphones and app stores were such a long way off? The answer is only the insiders, but this situation is different. You’ve been given a front seat at the table of a company who’s made its vision very clear, and with our help as the Reddcoin community, this idea that began only 3 years ago can have a seat at the table of world changing cryptos rather than ending up on the floor, discarded as another pump and dump that’s seen its run. Now let me get to my point.

When I say forget about Reddcoin’s price, what exactly do I mean? What I mean is this: If you had a time machine, $500k on hand, and could travel back to 2002, would you buy Apple stock? Well of course you would because you know without a doubt that the price will skyrocket over time. Yes, you’d need to wait to see a return, but there would be no doubt that your investment would pay off. This investment won’t require you to wait nearly as long to see a payoff, but watching the price, making predictions, and getting emotional when prices fluctuate are the least of things that will help us all to see a payoff in the long run.

So what can you do to help make this ship sail?

Here are some things that I think we all HAVE to do in order to do our part even if we aren’t a part of the ofiicial dev team:

  1. Realize what you’re a part of:
    Reddcoin is nothing like many other cryptos. Most of these other currencies were just pump operations to make a lot of money for the creators and were NEVER intended to be otherwise. There are over 800 altcoins, and where are many of them? Never to be heard from again.

  2. Spread the Word:
    this is self explanatory. Use the power, however limited, of your social media outlets. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, SnapChat, Instagram, and others allow all of us to communicate with the entire world in an instant. Share the official explainer video: and literally tell your friends and family about not only Reddcoin, but about Bitcoin and Blockchain technology as a whole. I know it sounds corny, but it starts with us. Nothing spreads faste than word of mouth.

  1. Learn as much as you can about Blockchain:
    If you don’t understand that Blockchain technology is the next biggest invention in the world since the internet itself than you shouldn’t be speculating in crypto currencies and you honestly can’t do much for the community. Altcoin investing is fun and exciting, but this thing that we’re doing is about more than just making some quick bucks, this is 1999 and the biggest discoveries in the tech are yet to even be made. Realize what you’re a part of and this will help you see that big gains are a ways of, but getting in now will be BIG in the future.

  2. Stop listening to the naysayers:
    If you can handle reading posts on 4chan and Reddit without allowing them to influence what you do with your investments then carry on, but I would honestly suggest steering clear of 4can/biz. Ask yourself this: “Is there anything I can gain on this board that I wouldn’t get elsewhere?” The answer is probably no. 99% of the posts are aimed at getting you to either buy or sell a crypto so that it can benefit THEM notYOU.

  3. Don’t look for an overnight “MOON”:
    Once again, I would leap for joy if I woke up and Reddcoin had jumped overnight between $1-$10, but no only would this leap be short lived it simply won’t happen. I know without a doubt that Redd-ID will change this coin and may even raise its price, if you’re thinking the release of this feature will make you a millionaire you need to change your way of thinking. Redd-ID will give us a jumping off point in making this coin easy to transact and will allow us to show the world why they should use it. You need to know that the work comes once Redd-ID is introduced.

  4. (MOST IMPORTANTLY) Distribute this coin:
    This is my most important point and what will truly bring value to Reddcoin. In order for this coin to grow and get utilized by the masses this coin has to be transacted. There can’t be true growth in RDD if we all just invest some of our $, hold the coin, and wait for it to “moon” without truly contributing to the Reddcoin community. Wan’t to know what you can do to move the roadmap forward, but you aren’t a coder or a dev? Tip on Twitter using the current tip bot or Reddit. This is counterintuative to what we think we’re supposed to be doing, but lets go back to that Apple example. If you made a 50x gain from Apple would you use a Samsung Galaxy S8 as your smartphone of choice? Perhaps you would, and not everyone who holds stock in Apple has an iPhone, but the growth of Apple comes from SOMEONE buying iPhones. Right now since the rest of the world doesn’t know what the hell Reddcoin is WE are responsible for using the coin and showing the world why it has value. When someone sees you send them not just some made up fairy coins, but something that translates into fiat $$$ in their daily life, this is when people want to know what Reddcoin is and how it works.

In conclusion, even though many of us have made an investment into this coin in order to one day see profits on our investments, unlike Apple in 2002 where you could just sit back and let Steve Jobs do his thing, WE are a part of the growth of this currency. I see this as a GOOD thing. If we all get involved now and can grow this community on a daily basis imagine where we can all be in the long run. To give a more specific way that you can help, I recently saw a video posted here on Reddcointalk where a group is planning to do mass tipping to one (well known) Youtuber at a time. These are small amounts from a bunch of us that would add up to a decent amount and catch the attention of this person and get them to give a damn about this coin. I’m probably doing a bad explanation of the idea, so just watch the video here: Is this idea “the one” that will get Reddcoin to the forefront? Maybe not, but it’s action like this tha will move this coin.

*Disclaimer: I am not a part of the official Reddcoin dev team and these are only MY opinions an not the views of the Reddcoin team. The great thing about an open source project is that we can all contribute in our own way to this wonderful project. Please project any issues you have with what I write towards me only as they are simply my own opinions - ReddJay

reddjay thank you for this post. very comprehensive of the situation and enlightening for many.
hopefully, many will join in and have the same constructive attitude you have right now.

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DeadPool Thanks! I Was one of the investors just looking for a crypto buy that would just grow my $$$ by 400% until I learned more about block chain, and how it will literally transform our lives. At that point I realized that tokens like RDD will still be standing when the crypto bubble implodes and weeds out all of the weak hands. At that time a number of currencies will remain when the dust settles and it will only be those that have a real vision, dedicated team, and informed investors who are in it for the long haul. I know that Reddcoin can be one of those if its given REAL value before the correction and that value is not tied to its price. Price is deceiving right now because people are seeing huge gains with fly by night coins like mooncoin and everyone wants in on that, but its really a mirage right now. The REAL payoff is the core projects that seek to really change life for a group of people. Reddcoin seeks to do that by changing the lives of content creators.


Great post!

Sent my first tip :slight_smile:

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McGrizzles24 Thanks a bunch!!

Great post mate this should help people understand the way this works a bit better good work

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Thank you for your words. This is a great vision and we can make a difference by spreading the word as you clearly and insightfully mentioned.

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reddjay How on Earth do you ‘know’ it’s going to go up? You mean you ‘hope’ it will! It’s just as likely to go down or completely disappear. If it was such a great idea it would have been adopted by social media already

Thats stupid… if you want people to tip rdd to help get it off the ground, then someone from the RDD team needs to give me some free rdd with the agreement to give it away. Im not gonna pay full price to then give it away for free with no guarantee ill get some in return or that the price may … ‘may’ rise. This is something the RDD team should be paying for!
Don’t get me wrong, im happy to tip someone rdd, but only when I feel it’s justified.
My conclusion… until redd-id is up and running… this coin will only rise along with the market cap. Im not saying its dead, but its not a smart short term investment considering all the other cryptos available.

till august 2018 Reddcoin expected to cross 1$ and in december month RDD cross 5 USD mark as well because Reddcoin already complete 3 year in cryptocurrency world and mining rate also increasing.

Source:Reddcoin price prediction

Great post and fantastic explanation! Thank you

thanks for this information.
i’m on the bus for this also.

and that’s a badass profile pic!

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