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Hello people,

First, is there any API for this forum, like get post, threads, post new etc?

Second, Maybe create a Meta board on this forum, so all things related to the forum will be posted in there.

A meta board is almost on all forums.

Third, how much rep to you need to downvote or flag a post?

All these 3 question would have belong in the Meta board.

Convertor as far as i know there is no api but such data could be stripped from the forum although that would not be an ideal way to do it

I think it is 100 upvotes before you can downvote

BrownSlaughter stripped from the forum would be a mess, and can fail way to much.

developers - Is there any plans on adding an API for the forum?

Reason for API request

  • Get forum reputation
  • Get post count
  • Get username
  • Post new posts / Create new thread (My IRC tip bot (under deveopment) could use this, for etc an lottery system requested by ReddcoinRocks)
  • Get all new post (Again for my IRC bot (Post new posts on IRC), until it becomes spam ofc)
  • and more

You can use the same rest api the nodebb frontend is using but I think it is CSRF protected and requires some kind of authorization/token/cookie.
check or


ReddcoinRocks Perfect, looks like its some of what Iā€™m looking for.

Thanks bud

As BrownSlaughter already mentioned you need a reputation of 100 to be able to downvote. more details can be found here:

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ReddcoinRocks Again, great! thanks! :slight_smile:

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