[Forum Game] Give a penny, Take a penny

I am hoping to make this a popular thread. I am hoping for that each response the person below donates some ReddCoin to the person above.

I will be active and donating to people in this thread myself. Just talk about anything and leave a gift for the recent message :wink:

If you respond without donating at least 1 RDD to the person above you I will edit this and make sure no one donates to you. :frowning:

I do like this idea, but what are the ‘guidelines’ for it? Like a min/max tip… Cos if I donated 50RDD to the person above me, but the person below me donated only 1RDD, despite me choosing to donate the 50, I might feel a bit ripped off… Then again, saying that it’s only ever 1RDD donated seems counter-productive too, as you would literally just lose 1RDD to soon gain it…

CaffeinatedSloth It’s mainly just have fun with it, donate what you deem a good amount.

The whole game is pretty much based off of karma. I will start with your post and donate 10 :wink:

EDIT: You need to have your address set in settings :slight_smile:

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Ah, that makes more sense! :slight_smile:

And thank you! :smiley: I’ve added my address now (thought I’d already done it, but I guess not!) I’ll give a little tip to the next new person after me then so it’s not just the two of us tipping back and forth :slight_smile:

Happy to play along- Tipped