Forum Upgrades

Hi All.
Although the communications have been a little slow this past week doesn’t mean a lot isn’t going on.

This last week, i have been testing upgrading this forum software to something a little more recent.
NodeBB, the team behind the forum software have been busy this last year and since we last upgraded.
The forum version installed is currently v0.6.1
The version that has been released is now at v0.9.0

Suffice to say, it needs a bit of testing to verify the upgrade will go smoothly.
The good news is, the first pass has gone well and a few hiccups were caught.
I want to run this through a 2nd time to make sure the process is streamlined so that we can minimise downtime.

As a part of the testing, it was found the new version did break the tip plugin
I have been busy fixing the changes that were introduced so that the plugin is functional.

Stay tuned for announcements as to when the forum will under maintenance.