FREE COINS?? Quinpro

I was referred to this site by my friend. Apparently you get daily FREE coins or tokens. To be honest I’m not that sure if it is true so can someone check it out using my link and tell me is it a scam or it really works??


For you to get your link, surely you would have had to try it out already though?

Lol trying to trick people into using his link i suppose :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


CaffeinatedSloth YES I tried it. And I sent a ref link to my friend but he said that you have to deposit some BTC for you to get the free coins. But when I asked him how does he know that he said it says on their page. Went again on the link I gave him and still I didn’t see where it says for BTC deposit. So I posted this if someone has some experience with it or can tell me if there is the truth.
As for you WILLEMDIK I DON’T NEED TO TRICK ANYONE. If I wanted help through my ref link I could of just asked because I know the REDD community is eager to help if you just ask. So I still got no answer or at least the one I needed. But thanks anyway
Keep up the good work :slight_smile:

Al3x5andar Ahh that’s fair enough. I tried the link before, but it wouldn’t even let me complete signup, so I wouldn’t be able to tell you whether it will actually for you because for me, the answer is no.

Sorry about this!


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CaffeinatedSloth I can see that you activated. Try login again and see if it works. I think it should. Did it ask you to deposit any money?

Al3x5andar I’ll try it now and see if it asks for money.


Doesn’t look like you need to put money in… There are options to, but it isn’t compulsory to use the site.