Free Reddcoins

Reddcoin is one of the coins I have the highest hopes for long-term, but to be safe, my overall goal in cryptos is to have as diverse a portfolio as possible. I don’t have much money to put in them, but found this website:

I have already withdrawn some Reddcoin and Monero, and it has been smooth sailing so far. You can change the coin you’re earning anytime. Yes, I get referral commission. But I do believe in their service, and wouldn’t be wasting my time if I hadn’t seen significant earnings in my account.

After a few days of watching, I have gotten over 1,000 Reddcoins, as well as some Lisk, Ark, Ripple, Monero, etc.

What I do is go to Earn Reddcoin (or whatever currency) at the top left, and then Watch Videos. Load up a video or two let it run when you’re asleep or not using the computer (or computers). I think you can use your phone too but I haven’t tried that yet.

For those who want to get into cryptos but don’t as much money as they would like to invest, this gives you the opportunity to build a modest yet diverse cryptocurrency portfolio at no expense. You never know which will be the next one to hit $5,000.

Let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to help.

Tl;dr: put videos on a loop while you’re asleep – wake up to cryptocurrencies.

oogabarooga dude…you did it again. Hiding your referral link. Just removed the same thing from reddit. If you want to spam, use 4chan please…

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Wow u r everywhere Mr. bmp.

oogabarooga Which Reddit are you on? I don’t want to offend anyone : ) I will avoid your reddit if you let me know.


bmp02050 its not spam the site is legit so why should this person not earn if they wish by promoting? Otherwise no one gets any coin and why have a referral program if others try and thwart it. I understand your hesitance but unless the link is bs then why give people crap about using said link?

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Thanks shadowradio for an intelligent response : )

Just wanted to say cheers matey, got a couple thousand free coins already : )