Free Reddcoins

For those who want to get into cryptos but don’t have as much money as they would like to invest, this gives you the opportunity to build a modest yet diverse cryptocurrency portfolio at no expense. You never know which will be the next one to hit $20,000.

What I do is go to Earn Reddcoin (or whatever currency strikes your fancy) at the top left, and then Watch Videos. Load up a video, and let it run when you’re not using the computer/s. Chrome browser seems to work best for me with the mouse left hovering over the video. Yes, I get referral commission. But I do believe in their service, and wouldn’t be wasting my time if I hadn’t seen significant earnings in my account.

It won’t make you rich overnight, but if you want a little free cryptos and you’re willing to hold for a while, a buck or two a day might make a big difference if you are patient, and choose your currencies wisely : - ). As we have seen with LTC/BTC/ETH and many others, it doesn’t take long for a buck or two to be a thousand or two in the crypto sector.

I’m happy to answer any questions if you have any.

Tl;dr: Loop videos when you’re not using the PC – get free cryptocurrencies.

Cool, seems sort of like a Swagbucks for cryptos, I’ve picked up a couple dozen coins so far, thanks for sharing : - )

Ah good,

You’re using this :slight_smile: I’ve found it to be a great tool - before RDD spiked, it was super easy to earn it - I got about 1800 RDD in a few hours :slight_smile: Even after it’s spiked, it’s definitely still worth it!

I signed up but there were no video’s available for me :frowning: im afraid its depending on your ip adress

WillemDik There will still be offers, etc that you could always try :slight_smile:

CaffeinatedSloth What are you doing to get the best earn rate on there? I’m just starting out and I don’t have any capital for now, while everything is new to me at the same time. By keeping the wallet on at all times I’ll earn some coins that way correct? That’s what I’m iffy about, since the application just seems to be sitting there. Much appreciated it.

Takes a few days to sync your wallet unless you upload bootstrap… Sent you a tip… Stake on…

At the start it worked, but after some time it does not play any ads any more and therefore I don’t get coins, you got an idea why this might be the case?

By the way: To receive staking, do I need to have my wallet open permanently?

bro i posted this few days ago abd wrote how you do it

i hace earnt sime good red with it abd also you can choose other coins

Help!! Which one is the platform I should chose to link my account when i watch videos?