- 50RDD per roll, no time limitation - celebrating birthday!

Some of you may know - it’s my faucet website, gaining popularity every day due to a simple fact - you won’t get more anywhere else!

On the right side of the site, you have to enter your RDD address, type in the captcha and press the ROLL button. A random number will generate and you’ll get 15 RDD provided the number is 7. That is a 1:6 chance you will get your reward.

So what? Nothing, I’m just celebrating my 20th birthday so let’s double the reward for today. Happy RDD collecting!

Happy Birthday!
Your efforts are appreciated :slight_smile:
I’ve sent some Reddcoins to the faucet and will do so again in the near future.


Happy Birthday!!

lionzeye And I was wondering where did those extra RDD’s come from :slight_smile:
Thank you very much, I’m raising the reward to 50 thanks to you :slight_smile:

Dan Thank you!

Happy Birthday!!!

FaithInReddcoin said:

Happy Birthday!!!

Thanks a lot!

Imro Happy Birthday! More support is coming your way.

GrayPhoenix I’m starting to worry where this is going to end.
I set the fixed reward to 50RDD per roll and 75RDD per roll during happy hours!

Thank you very much!
This way we’ll get more people get interested about RDD.