fuck you td (banned from telegram)

fuck you,

i just got kicked from the fucking telegram because i called binance a scam?! is this just really happened?
because i called paying for a vote is a scam?!

fuck you td, you where the only admin online you are the fucking bitch that banned me

sorry redd, all support end now, if those admins “keep the social” alive

at this moment i just removed all development for reddcoin, (reddpay.com, a low fee fiat to reddcoin payment processor), i go for a other coin which deserve my time and money, stay with litebit or manual trading, have fun at the lower end

derghost : Whoever you are, I am sure your leave will mean the death for RDD. Best of luck.

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Before you go, if you don’t want any RDD you still have, send it my way :wink: ReJU3Xygw9NvKJCZk3vFuHTmJC3kDjyVF6

Best of luck in your other ventures then…


i stop developing for redd, i dont stop trading with a low value coins :wink:

sorry reddcoin.online you need to develop a own way for payments,
just message me in telegram @ jaimy

Mate we are all doing our part trying to get Reddcoin out there… You made a silly comment, I would have booted you too… bite the bullet you stuffed up! we suppose to be joining with them on a positive note.

It’s no scam… Paying to vote is to show your a real person, with a real vote, and your serious about your vote…