Gaining attention for Reddcoin through coordinated tipping

Crossposting from Reddit for TheRDDCommunity

…We are The Reddcoin Community. We are trying to organize a group of people to tip popular Youtubers on coordinated dates to help Reddcoin gain some attention and make it mainstream. We started about 1 week ago and just reached 100 subs on youtube, and about 200 on Twitter.
We are using the Reddcoin Tip Bot on Twitter to make this happen and we’d love for everyone that wants to see Reddcoin go mainstream to come help out! A new video will be released in a few days with more updates. Hopefully, we can start tipping in the near future!
Come check out the channel: and our Twitter TheRDDCommunity page for more info!

I like Reddcoin Community’s idea and their follower base is growing. I think everyone chipping in and us all tipping a little to targeted people could help spread the word. Check them out, subscribe on YT and follow them on Twitter.

Nice, i’m in