Game on the Way!

Well, I’ve come up with a game concept that I think will be rather popular. It will use an in game currency we’ll call “Credits”. Credits will be used for in game purchases. Other in game purchases can be made with Reddcoin as well at a discount, because, well…REDDCOIN! Duh! That’s the whole point of the game. It will be closed source, Unity 3D based, which I’m getting pretty good at now. The design, layout, events, graphics, and game objects are pretty much laid out but need to be coded. I have a friend who lives very close who is willing to help me out with the graphic design portion, but that will be closer to the end.

My biggest challenges are the following:

  1. The front end - as in, the website. I need to have a landing page that gives the user the option to log in (which will bring them to the game) or have them sign up to play. Needs to grab email address, username, password (preferably 8 char min, 1 upper, 1 special character because if someone hacks their account, their reddcoin stash could be sent off to the bad actor). EDIT: Need to also generate email that’s sent to verify the user. Will also force 2FA for withdraws on Reddcoin because I DO NOT want to have any bad shizzle going down. That would seriously upset me and the community.

  2. A reddcoin wallet that interacts with the game. I know ReddAPI is awesome, but I have no idea how to incorporate it. I know I can make http calls from Unity, but I’m not sure how to create a unique address for each player. In the game, I’ll have a Reddcoin logo based button that, when clicked, brings up Reddcoin based options, such as purchasing in game items, depositing and withdrawing to and from their wallet address, and (because it’s a tipping currency) the ability to tip other players for their awesomeness. I’d really prefer that each user didn’t have to sign up for at ReddAPI, just to make the whole thing easier and less complicated, so if anyone has info on that, please feel free to send some info my way.

  3. Verifying that a payment has been made, either with Paypal, Credit Card or Reddcoin. I’ve never integrated a payment system into anything, so that’s a unique and new challenge that I’m willing to face in order to expand the Reddcoin community to gamers, create a fun game for people, and of course (being that I live in 'Mur’ca) profit!

I’m sure more questions will arise as I get deeper into the gaming part. When they do, I’ll be sure to ask you guys and gals (who are awesome by the way) for a hand. Those who contribute will be asked to beta test and rewards (both in game and monetary) will be given out once this thing is making kids and adult happy and hopelessly addicted to getting the next cool in game item. And if this makes some serious money and attracts enough users where I have to actually get a place to host multiple servers, those of you who have made big impacts will get a serious tip. Not a wimpy 1,000,000 RDD tip, but real, worthwhile, go-buy-yourself-something-nice funding!

Thanks in advance!


bmp02050 I recently set up a reddcoin wallet and my first user system on my server. Not sure how much time I’ll have but I can try to help and provide some useful resources. PM me here

Good to hear more from this, I’ve been a fan ever since I saw your tweet about it (I even tipped you for it). I will definitely try this game out and if it’s fun, I’ll invite everyone to play! Stuff like these will help generate some interest towards the currency. I wish you all the luck!

Toxip Thanks! I do recall many a tip from quite a few people. Those tips will not only be appreciated, but reciprocated in the future at a very high yield :wink:

Totally awesome! I’m a game developer as well and I’ve been thinking of ways to integrate Reddcoin with games. Goodluck and can’t wait to hear more news!

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m3ndi3 Thanks! I’ve always wanted to develop a game and I figured this would be a great opportunity. If you have any Unity3D experience, I’d be super happy to pick your brain and see what I can learn from a real live human and not just a few youtube videos…

bmp02050 I’m not much of a coder, but I was able to create a complete game with just Unity + Playmaker. The game is called HipstaFox and it’s the first game I made entirely by myself :slight_smile: I was able to publish it after 2 months of development.

I’m not too familiar with APIs but I’ve done a bit with the Twitch API so I’m sure ReddAPI is not that different? I would love to know your progression and maybe we can help each other where we are lacking :slight_smile: