GAW... really? I mean... really?

This is as ridiculous as it is flattering. I’m not talking about (Hash)PayCoin, or the Hashlets (all Ponzis to me)… but take a look at the screenshot and you’ll notice what does GAW think about RDD - all the other logos are the original ones.

Don’t you say?

GAW… watch your back. You sold me a Gridseed with an effin’ moth crushed between the fan and the heatsink - staggering proof that YOU have been mining the hell out of MY unit before shipping it to me. You’re no different than KnC or Butterfly.

…you’re doing it wrong.

Its actually kind of cool, We should just let it ride lol


It seems like so many other communities hate us. Do they feel threatened, do they just not like the idea of tipping? Did we do something to offend? I really don’t get it, but at least this helps us stand out.


Most of the crypto world feels “threatened” by a possible (and plausible) RDD success, that’s the one and only explanation. And GAW is no small player.


Didi I tought of it kind of funny since we can’t be mined anymore! :stuck_out_tongue:

After analyzing and thinking about it. This is more of an Honor reference, the place chosen is very close to Bitcoin, with a jovial attitude since we don’t have any reference to the initial letter in our logo, people can make some faces like I have made it in my personal account.

This triggers some speculation as well. Talk and talk about it.

PS: they have get that people are mining for direct fiat only the ones believing in the projects are holding and selling for the deserved price…

Well, i don’t really like GAWminers for several reasons, this is just the icing of the cake. I do think it’s flattering though, because GAW move millions, and they are even trying to COMPETE DIRECTLY with Bitcoin (with his PayCoin).

Moreover, as you pointed out, RDD can’t be mined anymore. Then the logo in there makes not much sense, if at all; it would only make sense if they were trying to PROFIT from the reddcoin brand, but why is it the only “distorted” coin logo? It’s more of a mockery imho, but hey… FREE MARKETING!! (from GAW no less… and it’s damn good publicity, it almost seems that they are trying to HELP reddcoin out).

It all makes sense to me, but everyone sees reality in its own way… and that’s how it should be. :slight_smile:

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Didi hahaha the logo made me laugh. :smiley:

what are they offering? another moon-ultimate-mega-profit-super-duper-hash-cloudmining-service? there is currently so few real innovation in cryptocoin sphere… mostly copies of copied copies and all claiming to change the world… it’s getting boring. is there still so much money left to burn that those services are still profitable? I wish cryptocoin would be more than mining and gambling.


ReddcoinRocks When you sell dreams you create a religion. Mining religion is exacly that.

Hopes and Dreams could harm a lot of people… clear vision is needed to invest in this crytoworld in long term.

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maybe reddheads will sit there at some point, stick out their tongues and watch those suits flying to the moon of a far away imaginary universe. (that was a poor interpretation of the above image)


I think that image is great. We probably shouldnt get distracted by paycoin though. There is plenty to talk about, dont get me wrong, its just not our project to bash or pump here on the reddcoin forums. Just my opinion.