Generated but not accepted - After upgrade to 2.0

Re: "Generated but not accepted"


I understand the reason why the block generated may not be accepted. I now have 2 consecutive transactions that were generated but not accepted. This has happened after I upgraded from 1.4 to 2.0

Is there something I may have to change in order to have a better chance of getting the generated block accepted ?


thecoder70 you will have the best chance of succeeding if you have reasonable performance of your device that is staking, and a good network connection.
While it is possible to stake on low end devices (even on a 3G network - which i have proven) ultimately, it is a race between all staking wallets to secure that block.

Also, hodl more coins!!! The more you have, the quicker you generate coinage, the quicker you stake. Or, turn your wallet on for a full 24 hours, once a week…Also, it appears that you can generate coinage “better” by having multiple inputs…so more incoming transactions to different addresses helps…

Gnasher bmp02050 Thanks for the tips, I run the wallet on my desktop which is an i7 Win10 machine. Also my internet is 50/8 so I think I am ok on that front. I normally keep my wallet open for about 10 hrs a day, I will increase my holding from the current 200K to see how that goes

thecoder70 That’s a good start for sure. I need to drop a few more dollars on RDD while it’s so low…