GERMAN - reddcoin wallet problem - old wallet.dat

Hello to the reddcoin-community!

First: I`am from Germany and my english is not really good as it should be, but i will try it anyway.
If someone is her who speaks german, i would prefer writing in german.

So what is my problem:
I use the reddcoin wallet 2.0.
3 weeks ago i made a backup (wallet.dat).
After this i had some transactions in my wallet but i did not backup the wallet anymore.
So it happened what must not happen: my windows7 crashed…:frowning:
After reinstallation of windows7 i downloaded the reddcoinwallet again.
After changing the wallet.dat (using my old wallet.dat i created 3 weeks ago instead of the new one the corresponding folder) i saw a credit of about 530 rdd´s.
But this was an old transaction and these coins are already transfered to another adress.
So i started (using cmd.exe) reddcoin-qt -salvagewallet and after this the credit balance was corrected to 0 rdd´s.
3 weeks ago i also encoded the wallet with a long passphrase which i still have memoried on a safe place.
So my problem now are the last 2 transactions which are not visible in the wallet.
The others i don´t need because they were withdraws to another address.
But the last 2 ones are transfers to my wallet, so that are coins i am missing and want to rescue.
Here are the 2 transactions:
link text
link text
I received the rdd´s from where i bought them.
So i hope now, that someone could help me to get these coins back (9855,91899 rdd).
I payed roundabout 160 € for them and it would be very frustrating if they are lost forever…:frowning:
As i said, i only have the old wallet.dat, but i have the passphrase of the wallet and the adresses of the last two transactions, is it possible to do something with this?
Of corse, for succesful help i´am ready to tip! :slight_smile:

After -salvagewallet i testet the wallet by sending a few rdd´s (165) to it, in hope that the remaining rdd´s would appear. But nothing, only the 165 rdd´s are available…:frowning:

If you backed up and restored your wallet, did you export the private keys? That is really all you need.

You need to import those private keys on the new wallet. But if you see coins already there, then you must wait for it to sync 100%

For the first, thanks for your fast response!

The question now is, what are these private keys and how can they be exported?
Are they included in wallet.dat? The only file of the old wallet i have is the “wallet.dat”.
Is a private key only a password or is it a file?
As i said, i also have a long password (passphrase) which i needed to decrypt the wallet for staking and for each transaction i made (send or receive coins). Is this the private key?

Furthermore, the wallet sync goes very fast,
because i downloaded the 2,7 GB Reddcoin quick sync [15.01.2018].zip data package and extracted in the correct reddcoin folder, so the synchronization finished in a few minutes.

Sadly, the keys must be exported before your windows crashed.
If your wallet was encrypted (before reinstalling Windows), and you can decrypt it using your private passphrase (after reinstalling), then at least we’re going in the right direction.

You should check if your receiving ( RskRTmC6zv38aeJoJvVjfZneAGsZHy999K ) address is listed in the wallet.

Exporting the private keys to the address would have helped greatly but all I can think to do now is to sync and leave it alone for a while and cross your fingers.

this is what i can see in my wallet.

The wallet was encrypted before windows has crashed.
But after reinstalling it was not needed to decrypt it, it was “open” at the start
and also after the replacing of the wallet.dat file
and appearing of the old transaction (593.782821 rdd´s).
Also after the use of cmd.exe and -salvagewallet the wallet was not “closed” so that the passphrase was not needed.
So is this a good sign, or should the wallet be encrypted, after replacing the wallet.dat file,
as na indication that i now have my “old wallet” again and have to use the passphrase to open it?
(Hmm…, if i remember correctly i didn´t need the passphrase to open the wallet, only for every transaction…)
Your last sentence means, letting the wallet connected to internet and just wait until the lost rdd´s reappeare sometime?

Those pictures don’t show up so I had to find the image elements and visit the URLs manually. It seems like your address where your missing coins are is not even listed.

I hope you have another backup of the wallet.dat, because I think what you have is a wallet that was not copied properly or with a different name. Please make sure your backup wallet.dat is still in a safe place. Shut down Reddcoin Wallet, wait 2 minutes.

Rename your CURRENT wallet.dat to wallet.dat.old

Make sure your backed up wallet.dat is just that, “wallet.dat” and nothing else. I would use the command prompt to copy your wallet.dat properly.

For example:

let @ be your backup drive location

copy @:\some_folder\backupwallet.dat %APPDATA%\Reddcoin\wallet.dat

If there are spaces in the directory name, do this:

copy "@:\some folder\backupwallet.dat" %APPDATA%\Reddcoin\wallet.dat

Wherever your backed up wallet is, on the next load of Reddcoin Core, it should ask you for your password again to decrypt.

Otherwise, Photorec, (free, open-source file recovery is useful for searching for wallet.dat after a reformat. I cannot promise you will recover it, but it will definitely try. I included the german URL there.

Unfortunately, the result is the same.
I renamed the wallet.dat in the folder “appdata\roaming\reddcoin” into wallet.dat.old
and used cmd.exe to copy the wallet.dat from the drive where i saved all files before i reinstalled windows.
I can only see the 2 transactions: +593.782821 rdd and -593.782821

The 165,755615 rdd´s you can see in the pic´s above i sended back to my for secureness before i renamed the wallet.dat and copied the backup file into the folder.

Btw. i know Photorec, i very successfully used the program “testdisk” to extract all files of a crashed microSDcard from my mobile phone.
But in this case, i don´t have anything to search, because there was only the one wallet.dat-file on the c:-drive before windows crashed. And this file i extracted with an bootable “emergency-cd” which uses linux, to get access to all drives in my computer and copied it to another harddisk-drive. And this is the backupfile i use to recover my wallet.
And the c:-drive i have formated before i installed windows.

Gradually i think there is no more hope for rescuing my rdd´s…

There is no possibility to insert the 2 addresses of my last 2 transactions manually and let it verify with my passphrase…?
Or may it help to encrypt my new wallet and use the old passphrase…?

Sadly no. Backing up a wallet is one thing, but if the wallet is not even listing your receiving addresses then something else is wrong.

You must export your private keys using the debug console under Help. Click the ‘Console’ tab and type help, you’ll see ‘exportprivkey’ or similar. Follow the given instructions from there.

Sorry I cannot be of any more help.