Getting redcoin accepted on Steam. (filling up the gap of bitcoin not being accepted anymore)

Hi guys,

Steam (big famous gaming platform) stopped accepting bitcoin due to large transaction costs. My idea is to convince steam to accept reddcoin instead since there are no transaction fees at all. How would you guys suggest we convince steam to do this? Can we work together on this as a group? If steam does accept redd then news media all over the world will mention reddcoin.

krizzzle great idea! We should get a petition running to show how many people would support Reddcoin’s integration to steam!

I am in for sure as a steam power-user :wink:

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Yes, good thinking! Let’s get this show on the road!

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huebby archiethevile get signing that petition!

Just Signed! Fingers crossed.

Gozzy I did already comrade. Allow me to make cloning vats so i may sign it again:D
P.S. Does anyone have cloning vats already ?:3

I agree also how to help ?