Getting TXID via RPC?

If I have an RPC QT wallet and several users registered, each with their own address within that wallet, is it possible to send from one address to another address via RPC and capture the TXID of that transaction to verify that it went through?

I am assuming you have registered your users, and associated an address.
Programmatically, you can use RPC to send from your wallet.
The command you should investigate is “sendfrom”
If successful it will return the TXid

FYI, i am re-building Reddcoin testnet so that this type of activity is safe to test

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What do I use to send RPC call? HTML with JS code? If I"m building a MineCraft plugin, it’s written in Java, so I’ll have to use JS. I’ve never used any RPC calls before, especially over a network (even local)…any help on actually using RPC would be fantastic!

There are a number of methods that you could take.
So it depends on what you are hoping to achieve.

the RPC takes a command (with params) and responds with a json formatted string of the results
Take a look at the following bitcoin link for reference

Additionally, i am in the process of resurrecting the Reddcoin testnet so it should make testing “cheaper” by not using your own reddcoin stash.

Gnasher Welp, just created the very first lines of code in java. Need to figure out how to use RPC commands though through java. Found this:|ga|1|g%3A"wf.bitcoin" and might be able to reverse engineer it to work with Reddcoin…

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Just to let you know bmp02050, gnasher may be out of contact for a few days, but he’ll be back soon!

Also check the following
a java implementation
I am not entirely familiar with this library, but when i get back on deck i can work through it with you

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Yes, I have been building reddheads the hard way… and it has been taking 9 months.
Almost finished compiling now…

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Gnasher I think you’re my favorite Reddhead.

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scrap my earlier reference, reddcoinj is probably not what you are looking for
To deal with RPC directly, have a look at the following info on bitcoin wiki

Gnasher I have, but my lack of Java programming knowledge really hinders my ability to properly understand what the program is trying to do.

Like I’d I want a user to register themselves, I just want them to type /register in the minecraft console and the program would send an RPC command to getaddressesbyaccount and if the name exists then let the player know and if not it would send the command getaccountaddress

Check this github repo.
You might be able to learn from this one
Bitcoin integration to minecraft

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