Getting update on Reddcoin's value/price, converter placed on custom website

I am building a site which will function with Reddcoins and I want to have a simple reddcoin to usd and btc converter for my users convenience. I was wondering, how will I keep an updated value of the Reddcoin’s currency? Will I be getting this info through an API or a website/service that keeps such values like maybe cryptsy?

Yes I am not aware how this works out with crypto-currency and currency in general :slight_smile:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

stefioan yes you would use an exchange api such as cryptsy like from here:

and for usd

Whats your main back end language?

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I am writing on Ruby; I am building a Rails app. But I can integrate javascript code as well.

Thanks for the reply!

Try something along these lines:

function getprice() {

$.getJSON(“”,function (data) {

if (data['return']['markets']['RDD']['lasttradeprice']) {
  localStorage['rdd_btc'] = data['return']['markets']['RDD']['lasttradeprice'];
ltp = localStorage['rdd_btc'];


function getpriceusd() {
$.getJSON(“”,function (data) {

if (data['return']['markets']['BTC']['lasttradeprice']) {
  localStorage['btc_usd'] = data['return']['markets']['BTC']['lasttradeprice'];
ltp2 = localStorage['btc_usd'];
 btcusd = ltp * ltp2;

btcusd2 = btcusd.toFixed(2);

you will probably have to edit it slightly as this is code from my RddCompanion chrome extension

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awesome! I will take a look at it tomorrow as its late here.
Thank you!

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stefioan No Problem. I wish i knew how to use the type things in markdown to make it look better lol

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