Giveaway : Zeus 1.6MHZ(?) hasher

I originally bought this hasher to dip my toes into mining and have some fun as a hobby, and thats exactly what ive done with it. Now that ive had my fun id like to pass it on so im giveing away my Zeus hasher to someone in the community, simply post here and you’ll be eligible to win!

P.S I cant find how fast it mines on it, pretty sure it was the 1.6MHz scrypt miner.

OMG, I’d surely love to have one of these! Trying to get one for quite some time… Count me in please, and thanks for the giveaway! :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to have another one! They usually mine at 1.3 MH/s scrypt, at a frequency ranging from 600-888 mhz on the chip…


I have two lil’ Gridseeds for 750kH/s so… i would definitely love to be part of the MH/s club again. Still, i think that if you already own a miner, regardless the hashrate, you should get second place at best in this giveaway. Mining is fun, so giving someone a chance to experience it first hand is very nice of you.

Naro awesome!

Cool… never mined before… would love to give it a try…

Whoever ends up winning, please drop me a line. You will get next to nothing with 1.3 MH/s nowadays (let alone 750kH/s!), you need to do your research (quite a lot) if you still want to get something worth tipping. If you point your miner at a multipool you’ll get BTC dust, yep, but where’s the fun? I’m cracking blocks with my laughable hashrate instead, it’s way funnier (and profitable). :smiley:

Been trying mining via virtual methods, always wanted to try for real. Please consider me :slight_smile:

Nice! I’ve always wanted to try one of those. Good luck everyone!

oh this would be nice to add to my little g blade, but i am sure postage would cost too much to england

Thanks for the opportunity… cryptoescudo is the national cryptocurrency project and is still script! Mining isn’t for me basicly due to investment in the equipment. I wouldn’t mind to have some fun!

Mauahaha! :smiley:

Always wanted one!

i would to own one of these. thank you sir.

I would accept it if I was chosen would add it to my gridseeds to help mine more RDD on eobot.

Didi dont mine btc straight ever even at a multipool… mine a lower diff coin instead. Only mine btc if you have 80+ ghs to ever have a chance to make anything even then will still be next to nothing. Need about 1-2 ths really.

Would love one sire, thanks.

When will the giveaway be? :slight_smile:

Would to get my grubby hands on these!

Giveaway is over! Elkan congrats you where chosen at random (rand number gen) to win. Ill pm you with further instructions :smiley:


He’ll have fun, i’ sure!