Gridseed G Blade - for sale in UK

I have placed it on ebay here

But I will accept a reddcoin payment and not charge postage for members of this forum.
The amount converted to redd at current price is 5200000 (5.2 million)


Where in the UK?

I have 3.8million redd on cryptsy I could spare…

Dan Blackpool

3.8 is a little too low sorry

Coming past blackpool on Monday strangely enough, all the way from Norfolk!!

Nevermind, im skint and only have those redd lol

1 RDD per hash/second. :smiley:

I’d actually like to have it, but not too sure about it. ~140w may not seem much, but ROI is obviously out of the question - moreover at €0.25 kW/h, and i already have two lil’ Gridseeds (10 GC3355 chips against the 80 of the G-Blade).

…the dilemma. Postage to Spain, marked as “gift” or something so customs don’t screw me over?

Didi pretty sure postage to spain would cost a fortune

BrownSlaughter well, you said that postage was on you. I don’t see a problem on my end. :smiley:


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