Groupminting (Beta)

In order to thank you for your tipping, I introduce this.

PoS Pool is insteresting. There are holes which should be fixed first.

I personally believe, if you have used the brainwallet, then you know the worst ‘database’ on the world. That’s why Majority of Governments say, they are able to ‘monitor’ the crypto, so the business continues. Time will tell us if they can crack one address on blockchain or can crack a bitmessage address within 14 (fourteen) days.

How to take part in?
I personally have figured out basically. You are suggested to use PGP or Bitmessage when you apply my service, as There will be no fancy screens,no additional websites, no additional databases, just bitmessages will look like this as We all have the same database on hand after people have understood the shifting nature when developing warp wallet or memortonik one.

Is it a scam?
According to, Scam,HYIP,Ponzi usually contains something too true, the operation is too simple ,hiding much information, even they never say in general detail of how, just only say double a day (100%). In general terms, It is not possible to get double daily but 0.03% profit a day may be possible if you have selected right services, and having great number in total.

Real services never promise you can get that because of risks such as low volume, being attacked, hardware failures, low selling price and so on. Additionally, These service providers must have an instruction of how to access your own vault like BitGO. Also tools used are audiable because of open source, which makes harder to put threats into.

How to ensure it is more stable than others? Simply, You have your own hash, so the fund deposited into my node is mainly under your control, The wallet will be encrypted when in operation. I cannot move any fund from you as it’s very noticeable. You select my service as the number is not big enough.

Before I introduce this, I have studied three models. First one is traditional, Second one is using Multi-Sig as a gate, the third one, Simple and more secure than I know, modified from Bitcoin (:D).

Traditional may contain a serious issues if the operator is greedy. And Consuming more resources if the user list is longer. Also storing too much information and with long Validity. Even encrypted in sigular way.

Second one may contain issues, and it mainly suits the Proof-of-Work scheme. If used for shopping, It is okay. It consumes very little space. And Full of numbers which people seldom understand with.

Third one, Which close the Second one, With two Day validity, memoryless compared with blockchain, strong security level, simple operations, so it is currently considered safe for sending important information.

What I will need?
1.Your alias of the forum
2.A bitmessage address which is used for sending something below.

(When you receive the message, Disconnect first, Copy it on paper or other mean, Drop the message, Drop the address used, then reconnect)
This is for Username of Reddcointalk (or other)
(64 hex char which must be kept in secret at all times)

If you deposit on that account, then you agree the terms and conditions below.

This is the konysulphrea of reddcointalk’s POS pool, Please deposit what you can afford to lose. The minimal deposit amount is ONE (1), suggested is a thousand (1,000), Recommended is at least one hundred thousand (100,000)

There are six sections
1.About private hash
2.How to recover from service terminations or other cases
3.How to quit
4.How to Take part in
5.How to pay the service fee
6.About account terminations.

1.About private hash
In order to ensure The service is running. Each user has an address and the respective of the private hash for the purpose. It is suggested store very carefully. If you have lost it, then you need to answer more questions before you can get some of your fund back. The First penalty price is 40% of your deposited (If you had 100RDD, then you only get 60 RDD during the step and vice versa). The second penalty is 70% of your deposited, The third time, I will send a new address for you, but only 10% recovered. Over than three times, you cannot get anything back as I have to blacklist the old address.

2.How to recover from service terminations or other cases
You will use, select RDD, enter the private hash given (use hex-encoded), then you can get them back. Because of this, I cannot move any fund, and the wallet.dat encrypted.

3.How to quit
There are two ways.

  1. Withdraw your fund from the wallet all, and notify me via bitmessage you like to quit.

  2. If zero balance in account, no further transaction made in ninety (90) consecutive days after the last transaction.

  3. How to take part in
    Apply via bitmessage

5.How to pay the service fee?
Tip me when you have noticed successfully staking

Here is a fee chart.
Basically, You need to pay me 1.5% of the staked per successfully staked. More the better.

If your deposit is very small, then I allow you to pay after 6 successfully staked.

There is an allowance, You have 14 days to pay, if you can’t then I will charge you directly, but with 3% of your staked.

  1. Account terminations
    Accounts will be terminated if
    1.Losing the same information three more times.
    2.Zero balance with or without transactions for over than 90 days.
    3.Under court orders