Half a €billion marketcap

Just 2 weeks ago Reddcoin anounced we were at 100 million market cap, now 15 days later we’re a couple million shy from 500 million. This is unbelievable progress, congratulation to the Reddcoin team and community. Also props to the Reddcoin twitter account for being alot more active, here’s to 2018 becoming a good year for the crypto and tipping community

We love reddcoin!
I held even at it worst ever. Got rewarded for the loyalty

guys, question! can I move my reddcoin wallet from one laptop to another?

The entire wallet with the App and blockchain?

You can definitely move the wallet.dat file, but I’m not sure about moving the entire wallet with blockchain… ball0r might know a bit more :slight_smile:


I guess, seeing the tips of ball0r, you can simply do a fresh install of the Reddcoin wallet on the new laptop, without starting up the wallet. Then copy over the wallet.dat plus the 2 folders /blocks and /chainstate from your old laptop (overwriting the 2 folders). Then starting up the new wallet should do the trick. Offcourse first do a good backup of wallet.dat! Did not try this myself so maybe wait until ball0r or someone else confirms this! :slight_smile: