Has Reddcoin beat Bitcoin's devs to solving the long block problem?

Here is a image of Bitcoin having long blocks. Is this the same issue we had? If it is congrats!

Maybe Bitcoin’s “issue” here is just variance so correct me please…

I will let laudney answer more in full what his change actually does, as it relates more to POS than POW
I think this link provided gives a good description of what is going on for both Block and coinstake timestamp rules

I would like to monitor our own issue for a bit longer to verify that the change he made nailed it for us.
We are confident, but nothing beats test and measure :slight_smile:

That said, i just looked at the source for Litecoin and Bitcoin
Both Bitcoin and Litecoin use a different process for determine time and i dont have too much time to look into it
In both cases (bitcoin and litecoin) would need some close examination and log files

I have been generating a log for the time differences between blocks, this is ongoing.

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FaithInReddcoin No. Bitcoin doesn’t have this bug. It’s PoS implementation specific.

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laudney So then Bitcoin’s long blocks are just variance related where as Reddcoin’s blips were related to timestamps?

laudney Might Peercoin have this bug then?

Would having 100 Million GH/s being pulled from the network, while the block difficulty is still sky high have anything to do with it? It takes, what, 2016 blocks to change diff, and if there are fewer miners (check https://blockchain.info/charts/hash-rate) the rate of block generation will skyrocket. It will take longer than 2 weeks for the 2016 blocks to be mined and difficulty to change. That’s the problem right there…at least, that’s what I think part of the problem is.

bmp02050 We have KGW (Kimoto gravity well) to adjust the difficulty each block. Reddcoin is obviously a superior coin to Bitcoin but that first mover advantage will be hard to compete with. Some how I think these amazing devs will deliver to the max anyway.

FaithInReddcoin I definitely like KGW, I played with Yaccoin with (2 C’s) when it first came out, mined a bunch of that, saw it was tanking and got out. They used KGW. I was speaking about the 1+ hour blocks that bitcoin has been seeing. That 2016 block requirement for difficulty changes kicks BTC’s butt…

EDIT: Plus the HUGE drop in hash power and high diff makes for a horrible situation.


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FaithInReddcoin said:




FaithInReddcoin It’s just Bitcoin’s variance. Maybe CEX shutting down cloud mining lead to loss of some hashing power.

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