Have We Shot Ourselves In The Foot With This Forum?

I think it’s pretty clear where we are.

The sub has a stickied post about the new forum.

Idem for Bitcointalk.

Reddheads on Reddit are also mentioning the forum in comments.

It’s all good IMO.


rehctelf This is a valid point. CoinGecko shows we are pretty dead on Reddit. Our posts on reddit are subject to trolling though.

Good observing, i experienced this a few times when i went to check our previous page. IHMO nice welcoming post explaining basics (link to dogecoin subreddit) and our current forum location would be appreciated by many new users. Yes i know about laudney’s post on subreddit but still in my opinion benefits of simple guide to fit in and enjoy are enourmous.

I could re purpose my bot to comment on any new threads telling them we have moved to here


Other question would be if Reddcoin requires a re-branding, after all we are not using primarily reddit anymore. Besides this, reddit is about to launch reddit notes. Just a thought.

TheSciNerd Absolutely some of the ‘‘help’’ post or ‘‘price’’ posts from accounts that are a day or a week old seem a little stinky, I wasted over an hour trying to help some one before I got the idea…that their whole post asking for help was a troll. Like anything else a move to a new address all your friends will find you and know where you are. I read the Reddit forum daily and check in here too. Its all good.

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Sebsebzen hate to break it to you but “redd” has nothing to do with reddit or reddit notes


Both Reddcointalk and Reddit are publicly viewable.


In my opinion this forum has secured the the future for reddcoin, I personally started noticing wave after wave of downvotes on the reddit threads for no real reason. Not to go all conspiracy theory on everyone but it seems like a planned attempt to damage the reputation of reddcoin is at foot on the reddcoin subbreddit.