Have you read the Redd Paper? Do you "get" PoSV v2?

Reddcoin started with a White Paper and incorporated a unique protocol, PoSV, or Proof-of-Stake-Velocity. But as the years have passed, refinement has been necessary.

As Reddcoin has grown and evolved, the Reddcoin Coin Development team has released the new Redd Paper (https://reddcoin.com/reddpaper/) detailing our goals with PoSV v2 and it’s new features. Take a look, and let’s discuss! Questions, suggestions, ideas? Reddcoin is a community-driven original altcoin, and we’re only as strong as our ReddHead community. Join in and participate today! And Stake On!

More information on Reddcoin available to medium.com/@techadept or reddcoin.com/r/reddcoin

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