Hello everyone ! I do not understand anything anymore.

Hello beautiful people, it’s a few days ago that several alt coins have received a significant increase, what’s happening?
I have a nice swag reddcoin, how can I manage them? in the future we will never see the value of a reddcoin between 1 - 10 $?

How would anyone know that? If the market cap reaches 30 billion usd then sure it is possible.

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Anything and everything is possible!

I am doing my part…


Gnasher Redd

I’ve got to believe, but how can we do our part we who are not developers?
I would really like to see RDD to $ 1/10 per coin.
The problem is that too many coins do you?

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Maybe tell your friends about it. Make your wallet into a full note. Buy some coins and stake them and tip people on reddit. Maybe tip the devs for their work :slight_smile: