Help setting up the reddcoin rpc server

Hey guys im having trouble locating the reddcoin.conf file to setup my rpc server to. If im correct i could use the RPC server to directly communicate with javascript? Help would be appreciated and i already looked in the same folder as the wallet.

You have to create a new text file called reddcoin.conf in the same location as your wallet.dat file and set up the parameters there…

Here’s an example:

rpcport=PickAPort (45444 is the default I think)

Naro what OS is the wallet on?

iisurge windows 7 x64bit . bmp awnsered my questions thanks :smiley:

Naro bmp02050 also you should have rpcallowip=localhost(or not rpcconnect as rpcallowip is for allowing that ip to access your wallet via rpc while rpcconnect will try to use your wallet as an interface for a back end at another ip is really useful for conf files

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