Help: wallet.dat corrupt, salvage failed

Hello, guys! Here is some screenshots: error and wallet size. Is it normal size of my wallet? Before that error I had 17000 of RDD. What goes wrong? I made backup of my wallet at February 2017 on Linux Mint 18 (using Wine) and now I’m having Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 v1607 working on AMD Ryzen 3 12003.7 GHz (before I had old notebook with Intel Pentium CPU). Since then I didn’t checked if my backup wallet works (and perhaps this was my fault). I tried -salvagewallet, -repairwallet, verifychain and some other things, but result is the same. Really appreciate, if someone could help.

After installation, did you replace the wallet file that you were making a reserve?

Hello! No, I didn’t touch my reserve file after installation. It was in a safe place and nothing could modify it or corrupt, I guess.

Orwelionix Then replacing the file, everything should recover after synchronization.
Can only disappear coins that were earned by solo mining

CrazyShaman Meh, result is the same.