Help! Where can I buy reddcoin?

Hi everyone

I am new to the reddcoin community and I am very interested in investing in reddcoins but I am unable to find a place that allows me to purchase them. Does anyone have any insight on any places that I can either purchase them or a faucet I can use? Any help will be greatly appreciated.


There are some places where you can get RDD if you pay with BTC. I don’t really like that. It takes too long. Now I buy pretty much all my coins at LiteBit because I can pay with iDeal (and other mehtods). Sadly you have to visite the site multiple times a day, because they run out of stock fast!

PasCarbs Wow, that site is expensive! Do you really use that one?

What about

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You can also use Cryptonator (Android)
You pay through Payeer. But there a commission of 5.8%
So far that the fastest solution I found.
Coinomi (still android) support RDD and allow you to exchange vs other altcoins through changelly and shapeshift.

Hope this can help.
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Spyburn Yes I use this site… this is where I purchased my coins from :? Why do you say so expensive do you know somewhere better?

You can also try out yobit. No documents to submit except to confirm your email account and it also gives away free altcoins daily.

Nevertheless, don’t leave your coins there but transfer out the moment you buy it.

I used Litebit today and had no problem with it.

PasCarbs I took a quick look and saw all prices to be a bit higher than on Maybe it was just on that exact time. When you buy big amounts, a tiny difference in price can cost or save you money. It can never hurt to take a look, so please do and deside for yourself. :slight_smile:

PasCarbs I do have to add that there is a transaction fee of 0.42 euro and a minimum order of 100 euro. But if you buy credits (1 credit = 1 euro) you just pay the transaction fee once. Every coin you buy with credits (still 100 euro order minimum) will be free of transaction costs. This is as long as you use their wallet. If you use your own you pay the standard fee you always have when transferring coins.

Litebit is currently having some kind of problem where they show zero coins for sale. Making me kind of nervous.

If I wanted to move my coins off site to ensure I don’t suffer any kind of loss, is there an option while the Reddcoin Core syncs?

The best place to by them at current market rate and even below is Bittrex which is a cryptocurrency exchange.

You can set a buy limit order and set your own price. If the market rate reaches what you are willing to pay, a buy order will be automatically executed.

I’ve used litecoin to shapeshift to reddcoin. Worked very well for me, transaction fees were very low using litecoin. If you have any digibyte or ripple, those would also probably be quick exchanges on shapeshift. They are currently backed logged on withdrawal and deposits with bitcoin and ethereum. Hope this helps. A quick and easy way for US citizens to purchase reddcoin would be this method. I use coinbase to purchase my initial cryptos to exchange.

To lay out how I did this more methodically: to purchase initial cryptos (I use litecoin)
The reason I use coinbase is because of the security of the wallet and the companies name and media presents.

Go to to exchange your initial crypto for which one you would like to receive. (process is explained on shapeshift websites)
I’ve used ShapeShift dozens of times and have never had any issues what so ever. Very timely and prices are usually spot on to most major exchanges.

Reddcoin to wallet
Once you complete shapeshift transaction, you can have them email you a confirmation receipt and than of course reddcoin allows you to view the blockchain for the transaction.

Spyburn I will definitely check it out… any gains are always good