I created a cold reddcoin purse, when I created forget sync, I transferred rddcoin from Bittrex floor on cold storage, then I synchronized, when the sync was complete I can not find the number of transferred coin, please ask now what should I do
Please help, thanks

hanguyenmpbc you sure you sent it to the right address?

check the transaction address here —> if it isn’t confirmed it means it hasn’t been processed yet. It will also tell you the address balance.

If confirmed then there is no way to get back asking for help

hanguyenmpbc Well if you sent it to the wrong address yes , but I doubt you’ve done that. If it tells you the balance of your address present in your wallet then you have received it. Make sure your wallet is fully synced , even try to DL the blockchain that might help could be corrupted block or something. You never know.